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Terms & Conditions

To use the Nice Day site and to your customers and service providers
• These terms and conditions apply to your use of the Site and the electronic application (
• By using Nice Day  , you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you disagree with the Terms and Conditions, you must not use the Site.
We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions from time to time and you must periodically review these terms and conditions. We do not have to contact you or inform you of any changes to the Terms and Conditions. Your continued use of Nice Day constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions applicable at the time Your use of the Site and the Application As part of our commitment to make Nice Day a place you would like to visit regularly, we welcome all your comments on any of the policies or rules we list below.
• "You are the version of the addressee" refers to the user of the site Nice Day , and take into account all expressions leading to it.
• "We are the speaker version" means managing the site Nice Day Nice Day and the team etc.
• "Nice Day " refers to the meaning specified above. "User Information" means the personal details you provide to us through the Site "Nice Day " means the users of the Nice Day site, in general and / or individuals "Content" means any reviews, comments, messages, data, information, text, music, sound, image, graphic, video, code or other material transmitted to Or displayed on the Nice Day  site directly or through a website and an electronic application to others.
• "Automated processing" means any robot, spider, screen scraper, data collection tools or other tools, routines or automated processes.
 Terms and Conditions
• These Terms and Conditions, which may be modified or modified from time to time, are intended to be used to access the Nice Day  site.
• You must be at least 18 years of age.
• Have full legal capacity to contract and deal.
• Any person under the age of 18 who uses the Nice Day  website must have the consent of his or her parent or guardian to do so.
• You acknowledge and warrant that you have the right and legal ability to use the Nice Day  Website as provided in these Terms and Conditions.
You acknowledge that any use of Nice Day will be as provided in the following conditions:
• Adheres to the specific rules that apply to any promotion in which it participates in any form through the Nice Day website.
• You undertake not to do anything that would affect the operation or security of the Nice Day site or cause unreasonable inconvenience, abuse or disruption to any of our other users or employees.
• You should not have been a beneficiary of Nice Day services and you have been banned or prevented from using the application or the site.
• You should not be a competitor to Nice Day or offer any product similar to Nice Day .
• The user and the service provider are all applicable laws and regulations within the country where the service is provided.
• You must provide accurate and accurate information to the Nice Day site and you must comply with any notices made by Nice Day regarding the services it provides to ensure that its operations are not obstructed.
• You must not use the Nice Day site services for any inconvenience, inconvenience or inconvenience to any person.
• Maintain all confidential contents and numbers to access your account safely.
• Nice Day has the right to refuse to provide any service without giving you reasons.
• You are not entitled to cancel any service after 3 minutes of confirmation of application from the application or site. If the application is canceled, you must pay a fine of SR 50 for cancellation of the service after request.
• In order to access the Nice Day site, you will need to access the Internet. You are responsible for any connection, service or fee associated with access to the Internet and all necessary equipment to enable you to connect to the Internet (including computer, modem and other devices necessary to access) due to the limited capacity of all servers and their use by many people at the time By itself, you are committed not to use the Nice Day Web Site in any way that would damage or exceed the carrying capacity of our server (s) or any network connected to any of our servers. You must also refrain from using the Nice Day site in any way that may or may not logically interfere with any other party's use of Nice Day in a manner that violates or is likely to violate any applicable and applicable laws, rights or entitlements To any other party in accordance with all applicable laws.
You agree to refrain from the following (whether you personally or through a third party):
1. Use of an automated process to process, monitor, copy, extract any pages on the Nice Day site, or any information, content or data contained in or accessed through the Nice Day site without the prior written consent of us.
2. Use of an automated process to aggregate or merge information, content or data contained in or accessed through the Nice Day Website with information, material or data accessed by, or originating from, a third party.
3. Use any automated process to intervene in or attempt to interfere with the proper functioning of Nice Day .
4. Carry out any action that would impose unreasonably large load or disproportionate to the available infrastructure or Nice Day bandwidth.
5. Reverse engineering, reverse collection, disassembling, or any other work that would detect an exporter code or other formulas or processors in respect of the software used in the infrastructure and operations related to the Nice Day site.
6. Reproduce, reproduce, modify, modify, derive derivative works from, or make public, any part of the content of the Nice Day Website without the prior written consent of us.
Content produced by the user
By submitting any content to Nice Day , you grant us a non-exclusive, free, perpetual, transferable, worldwide, irrevocable and sublicense license to:
Use, reproduce, modify, edit, adapt, translate, distribute, publish, copy, transmit, and transmit in any way and in derivative works to display or perform it to an audience anywhere in the world and through any media, Or to be created in the future.
2. Use the name you provided in association with the content. We also grant you a license to pursue any legal or legal person who violates your rights or rights in this content. You acknowledge and agree that all content provided to Nice Day by you is non-confidential and non-proprietary. You acknowledge all things, execute all documents required to enable us and allow us to take full advantage of the rights granted to us as required
• We are not obligated, and do not require any provision of these terms and conditions in any way, using any content. In addition, if the content is used, we are not required to make any financial obligations to you as a result of this use.

• We care about your privacy and security. Some data is collected for use by Nice Day in order to provide online services provided by Nice Day Nice Day will keep track of your use of Nice Day by using, but not limited to, cookies and other monitoring tools.
• The use of this data is subject to the terms of the Privacy Policy that we apply. Privacy policy is part of these terms and conditions and you should read them in full. If you do not accept the Privacy Policy, you must refrain from using Nice Day .
• We acknowledge our commitment to all privacy protection legislation in force at the time of issue with respect to any personal information about you we have collected. You may be asked to enter information about yourself on different pages on Nice Day . We undertake not to use this information provided to us for any purpose not included in the Privacy Policy, other than the purpose specified by each Site and Application where such information is requested.
• Please use the feedback form on Nice Day to inform us of any change in the information you have provided in advance or if you wish to withdraw your consent to our use of the information you provided us for the purposes identified or for any form of advertising communication.
• We pledge our continued commitment through our safety policy to allow reliable use of Nice Day .
• When using the Nice Day site, especially when using any of the interactive areas available on Nice Day , you should always take the following precautions:
• Keep your identity confidential. Do not give your full name, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address, school name, or other information (except those specifically requested by you), through which someone may be able to identify your true identity.
• Do not meet someone you know through the network.
• Do not respond to any messages that are hostile, rude, dishonest, or make you feel uncomfortable in any way.
• We and / or any of our affiliates, employees, directors, employees and / or our affiliates agree and agree immediately and upon demand for all claims, liabilities, losses and costs, including legal fees arising from any breach Or breach of these terms and conditions by you or any other damages arising from your use of Nice Day .
• We reserve the right to immediately terminate your use of Nice Day if you breach the terms of these Terms and Conditions or if we believe on reasonable grounds that you may breach the terms of these Terms and Conditions or if you conduct, we believe that at our sole discretion, .
• If you would like to comment on the Nice Day site, or if you would like to ask any questions, please contact us through the form on Nice Day .
Payment and prices
• Nice Day All prices appear on the site for each product and prices are based on each product before ordering. The price may vary by region, country or service request. There are fixed prices for some products. There are prices depending on the nature of shipment. Prices at any time must be kept abreast.
• If the application is not paid by any means of payment, the service applicant must pay the service value to the service provider in cash upon receipt.
legal responsibility
• Nice Day is not responsible for any damages caused by the use or inability to use electronic means of communication with the website.
• The provider and the service provider are responsible for the quality of the roadside assistance service required from Nice Day .
• Nice Day is not responsible for any error caused by the service provider.
• Any notice to the service provider should be provided in the evaluation of his service to take action against us and the site Nice Day  - does not tolerate any conduct or negligence or all of the above from the service provider.
• Applicable law and dispute resolution will be in accordance with the system in the country in which the service was provided.